Why Are Some Trumpets Better Than Others?

As far back as I can remember, it’s been an article of faith for trumpet players: To get a good trumpet, go somewhere where you can try a lot of identical instruments and pick out the good one. That used to work, sort of. Years ago, large stores, and even some smaller ones carried multiple samples of the same instrument which they would dutifully roll out to be tried. The problem was that, unless you happened to be there when a new shipment arrived, you could safely assume that the trumpets you were trying had already been picked over by numerous players. Plus, it can be very difficult to access small differences in a short time span and in an unfamiliar acoustic. Now days it’s pretty much a moot point. The economics of the music business make carrying a large stock of instruments a losing proposition. Continue reading

Precision Valve Alignment For Me

Precision Valve Alignments are recomended for Yamaha Trumpets

Precision Valve Alignments are recommended for Yamaha Trumpets

Sometimes with my hectic schedule, I procrastinate on projects that would actually benefit my own trumpet playing. I have been playing on my Mike Vax Yamaha for years and never had Jim Becker look at my valve alignment. Recently, while playing Jesus Christ Superstar, I felt something was off with my 4th space E and the E an octave above. So, for my birthday, I treated myself to a Precision Valve Alignment by Jim Becker. Sure enough, my valves were way off. When Jim was done, the E’s lined back up, and the core of my sound was consistent from top to bottom. I feel much more confident blowing through the notes on my horn, as opposed to “hoping” the horn settles on a particular slot.

Both Jim Becker and I highly recommend Precision Valve Alignments on Yamaha Trumpets, especially the Bobby Shew medium bore horns. The Bach C trumpet is the trumpet we perform the most PVAs on. I would say that in general, a Precision Valve Alignment by Jim Becker will add 10-15% improvement in your horn’s stability. That’s sometimes the difference between a good day of trumpet playing and a bad one.

Feel free to contact the store if you have any questions on your possible PVA.

Osmun Mouthpipe for Kanstul

Custom Mouthpipe and Schlossberg

Custom Mouthpipe and Schlossberg

Today we made an Osmun Bb Mouthpipe for a Kanstul Piccolo Trumpet. This is a pipe we do not normally stock, but can make up anytime. Like most of the Osmun Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpipes, you can move slightly more air through the pipe and into the horn, making the blow feel more trumpet-like. Also, you can move away from the lighter “toy trumpet” sound much more easily with our pipes. An easier blow with less back pressure usually leads to greater endurance.

Osmun Piccolo Trumpet Leadpipes

One of the fastest growing products we produce are the Osmun Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpipes. Osmun trumpet specialist Jim Becker has made many beneficial advances in these mouthpipes to make your piccolo trumpet more stable, more even, and freer blowing.  Osmun Music makes mouthpipes for most piccolo trumpets on the market in both Bb and A. We can also silver, lacquer, or gold plate to match your particular horn.

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