Bach Centennial Mouthpieces @ Osmun


The year 2018 represents a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach manufacturing. Having started his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy that has continued over the last 100 years. Bach Brass is celebrating the Centennial with two limited edition mouthpieces.

The Trumpet mouthpiece is a 3C Cup with a 27 Throat, 10 Backbore, and Gold-Plated 100th Anniversary Engraving.

The Trombone mouthpiece is a Gold-Plated Large Shank 5G with the 100th Anniversary Engraving.

Made in the USA. The Centennial Mouthpieces are made to order by Bach and are in limited production. Get yours before it’s too late! Under Construction!

We have been working on a new web site for a few months now and we will be making the switch to the new site over this Easter weekend. Our new site will be more fluid and easier to order mouthpieces (with modifications), set up service appointments, ask technical questions, and browse & purchase products.

We apologize if you have recently been on and it’s been a little glitchy. We hope to clean up all the bugs over the next week once the new site is up.

Any questions about products or if you need to place an order for something, please don’t hesitate to call 978-823-0580 or email us at We’re open Monday-Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 10-2pm EST.


Osmun Music’s Visit to the Northwest!


Osmun Music will be headed west for the Northwest Horn Symposium at Pacific Lutheran University on March 23-25th. Bob Osmun and Taylor Allen will be on hand with the Osmun Horn Mouthpieces along with a few Finke and Engelbert Schmid Horns. Please stop on by to try out our standard, replica, and signature model horn mouthpieces. Bob Osmun will be available for horn repair estimates and mouthpiece consultations.

The Symposium will feature three days of intense horn presentations, performances and pedagogy. Guest artists include Leelanee SterrettBernhard Scully and the horns of the Seattle Symphony. These artists will work with master class participants, share their expertise and perform in special concerts. Regional artists and scholars are invited contribute their special projects and music making. All horn players and enthusiasts are welcome. This year, there will be a horn quartet competition for any non-professional groups, with cash prizes. The event will also feature vendors for many of your horn, music, and gear needs.

This Symposium is open to the public. The following link has all the info. Hope to see you there!

Engelbert Schmid Double Horn In Stock!

Osmun Music just received an Engelbert Schmid Double Horn in stock configuration*. Here’s a quick video of it. It’s here in the shop for anyone to try out. These horns are amazingly easy to play. If you were thinking about getting an Engelbert Schmid double, this one is available without the wait.

*Lacquered Yellow Brass, Two Water Keys, & Hand Rest (Bell is currently a medium spun yellow brass)

What About Your Mouthpiece?

One of the reasons that people rely on Osmun Music is because we understand “Mouthpiece Limbo” and how it can affect any brass player. If you are having problems with your mouthpiece(s) or are looking to improve your current set-up, please feel free to contact us. Our ever-growing experience with student, amateur, and pro musicians makes us a great resource for pointing you in the right direction.

Precision Valve Alignment For Me

Precision Valve Alignments are recomended for Yamaha Trumpets

Precision Valve Alignments are recommended for Yamaha Trumpets

Sometimes with my hectic schedule, I procrastinate on projects that would actually benefit my own trumpet playing. I have been playing on my Mike Vax Yamaha for years and never had Jim Becker look at my valve alignment. Recently, while playing Jesus Christ Superstar, I felt something was off with my 4th space E and the E an octave above. So, for my birthday, I treated myself to a Precision Valve Alignment by Jim Becker. Sure enough, my valves were way off. When Jim was done, the E’s lined back up, and the core of my sound was consistent from top to bottom. I feel much more confident blowing through the notes on my horn, as opposed to “hoping” the horn settles on a particular slot.

Both Jim Becker and I highly recommend Precision Valve Alignments on Yamaha Trumpets, especially the Bobby Shew medium bore horns. The Bach C trumpet is the trumpet we perform the most PVAs on. I would say that in general, a Precision Valve Alignment by Jim Becker will add 10-15% improvement in your horn’s stability. That’s sometimes the difference between a good day of trumpet playing and a bad one.

Feel free to contact the store if you have any questions on your possible PVA.

Osmun Mouthpipe for Kanstul

Custom Mouthpipe and Schlossberg

Custom Mouthpipe and Schlossberg

Today we made an Osmun Bb Mouthpipe for a Kanstul Piccolo Trumpet. This is a pipe we do not normally stock, but can make up anytime. Like most of the Osmun Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpipes, you can move slightly more air through the pipe and into the horn, making the blow feel more trumpet-like. Also, you can move away from the lighter “toy trumpet” sound much more easily with our pipes. An easier blow with less back pressure usually leads to greater endurance.