Lawson Replica Horn Mouthpieces

Since releasing our line of Lawson replica mouthpieces, we’ve received a number of questions from customers trying to order these components. So I would like to take a moment and dispel some of the confusion surrounding these Lawson mouthpieces.


For starters, the Lawson cups and rims are not on the same thread pitch as the rest of our standard mouthpiece line. That means that a new R10G700 rim will not be fitting on your beloved Osmun Chicago cup, but, our Lawson replicas will fit with any original Lawson mouthpiece components that you may already own. We have, in the past, done custom work for customers looking to use a Lawson rim on one of our cups and vice versa. So it can work but will require a bit of custom work to be done. If you’re looking for something that will fit a standard cup but don’t want to get into custom work, the P1 and P1+ are copies of Lawson’s P10G and are made in both standard and metric threads.

The second major point of confusion is rim size and their cup compatibility. The cups come in two different styles. Lawson cups come in two different sizes. The narrower .660 cup and the wider .670. The .660 cup will fit the .690 and .695 sized rims and the .670 will fit with .695, .700, and .705

This should clear up any major points of confusion, and if not, we’re only a call or email away.

2 thoughts on “Lawson Replica Horn Mouthpieces

  1. I have a two Lawson mouthpieces. An S and an L in the 660 size.
    I would like a cushioned or semi cushioned rim to suit.
    Can you supply me with these in silver plate?
    Do you ship to Australia and how much will it cost?


    • We can supply any rim we make to fit your Lawson mouthpieces. The cost would be $135 in silver or $150 in gold. We could also design a new rim for you either to your drawing or description or to ours. The additional cost would be determined by the degree of complexity and could range from $30 to $100 dollars. The cost to ship to Australia would be $36.25. (We ship in a 219x142x41 box so anything else you added to the box wouldn’t change the shipping price.)

      Osmun mouthpieces are available in Australia from:

      Brass Music Specialists
      90 Appel Street
      Graceville, QLD 4075
      +61 7 3278 1311


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