What About Your Mouthpiece?

One of the reasons that people rely on Osmun Music is because we understand “Mouthpiece Limbo” and how it can affect any brass player. If you are having problems with your mouthpiece(s) or are looking to improve your current set-up, please feel free to contact us. Our ever-growing experience with student, amateur, and pro musicians makes us a great resource for pointing you in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “What About Your Mouthpiece?

  1. Question: My Holton Farcus 179 french horn is not very free-blowing…was wondering if a different mouthpiece would help. I am currently using the HF-MC mouthpiece. Thanks for your help.


  2. For 55 years I’ve played the horn, French and/or tenor. I’m 82. Sometimes there were gaps of two or three months I didn’t practice, but nonetheless if I picked up a horn I could make a pretty decent sound and given two or three weeks I would have a little technique back.

    4 months ago I surgery for hip replacement – which resulted in severe infection and 5 other surgeries – finally successful. During the first 2 months, powerful antibiotics and surgical anesthetics resulted in continual dry mouth and swollen lips, and they may be permanently changed.

    I now want to play my Ceverni Tenor, but after two weeks I still have no real tone quality nor can I reach moderately high notes.

    I am very concerned about restoring my embrochure or or perhaps finding the different mouthpiece maybes thinner rim or deeper cup. I am now using a Yamaha 3804, from another horn.

    I really need to be able to make music – I have a player Yamaha Clavinova and I need the joy of playing, along with it as well as fake books.

    Does anyone out there have an idea of what I might do!!?!

    SD State Senator Stan Adelstein
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    • Two months isn’t really much time to build up an embouchure, esp. at your age. A couple of suggestions: Work on long tones and slurs throughout the lower and middle registers. Whole tone scales, one octave, really slow pp, progressing to pp. Make clean attacks. Alternate scales starting on C and B. Don’t overdo it. 15 minutes on, 15 off. After a couple of weeks I think you’ll begin to see some improvement in tone and endurance. As your strength increases you can start to extend the range.


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